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Wireless Radio Remote Control Trigger Switch

Wireless deadman series prompt switch industrial remote controls are specifically manufactured for industrial golem that requiring positive operator to machine contact. A wireless trigger device is utilized to send RF control signals to the pump. Now the operator is unencumbered by cables and wires ordinarily used in deadman fueling operations.

The Wireless radio remote control and system that incorporates a secure frequency hopping, spread-spectrum portable link that is nearly protected to outside electrical or RF interference. Operations deterioration safe (shutdown) with any loss of signal from wireless transmitter. The rechargeable transmitter device that supplies 30hrs of nonstop uses between the charges with 12/24VDC charger supplied. There are some specifications from wireless deadman series trigger switch industrial remote controls.

* The protection timer software is available to limit switch closure run prior to self-regulating shut-off.
* The feature requires periodic trigger pulse by techneut to preserve receiver ‘on’ condition and this is necessary.
* This is up to eleven other command functions that available per customer requirements.
* Now the modular quick-connect components allow for easy installation and field service.
* And the Pre-wired solenoids are available for Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Hose Reel sway interface.

There are else examples of additional of control button options that are given below:

The hose reel option that allows remote control system greatly reducing effort required to pull the hose off the reel. At the same time the potential injury is reduced and productivity is increased washed-up easier hose handling.

The system is really easy to install and use that prewired water reel motor solenoids and 70Amp breaker included with this option. The system design prevents Unwind and Rewind circuits from person energized.

Now the PTO or PUMP option that extends pump life and increases safety by allowing operator to involvement and disengage the PTO and PUMP from hose end at customer’s storage tank.

In addition, the dray PTO shaft is not revolving, pump is negative running in by-pass, and hose is not charged unless associated to the client’s tank. The PTO association can be electric, pneumatic, “hot shift” or “clutch shift”.

Nowadays, remote PTO delay options automatically opens tank internal valve 5 seconds former to engaging PTO allowing pump and product lines to equalize pressure. This feature prevents an excess flow ‘slug’ situation which until occur that starves the pump concerning product, and may lead to pump failure.

The system has some transmitter specifications;

The frequency operation is 902-928 MHz FHSS (433.92 MHz, 869.7 MHz & 2.4GHz radios available). The transmitter puissant is almost 100MW. Et Cetera the method of metastasize is 56bit DES encryption key. The system has internal on card PCB mount of Antenna.

This is invisible so that it will not be damage. The normal range of this sequestered stranglehold is up to 500 feet. The system constructed with unkempt weatherproof polymer enclosure. And the temperature specification is minus 20F to 185F and that is positively extensive.

The battery life of this transmitter specification is up 30hours of continuous uses near audible low battery warning and flashing LED indicator.