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Why Remote Work Frightens Some Managers

The newfangled trend toward allowing employees to work from remote locations continues to grow. Although upper management at both Yahoo! and HP issued memorandums over the past year urging their employees to turn their backs on telework including return to the office, more including more managers in other organizations are recognizing the value of telecommuting. The reason is simple: teleworkers are often more productive than their office-dwelling counterparts, many of whom may be physically present at the workplace but spend countless hours each day engaged in personal business on the Internet.

So if telecommuters are in fact more productive than their coworkers in the station – as many recent studies suggest – why are managers at Yahoo!, HP and remarkable other corporations timid to allow their employees to work remotely? The answer is simple: they’re petrified they’ll lose control over how their teleworking employees are spending their time.

One from the reasons for the concern of some managers is the apparent lack of productivity on the part from their employees. Wasting time during work hours on the Internet, plus referred to pro re nata “cyberloafing,” has become such an issue for business owners and managers that many of them have resorted to computer tracking software Internet Usage Monitor in order to monitor employee Internet usage. Yet even when this type of tool is used in the office environment, it’s usually very ineffective. In fact, once employees become aware that computer tracking software is being used, most of them very much resent the fact that management is “spying” on them while they’re working.

The truth is that micro-managing never works. If you try to control each and every move made by your personnel on the Internet, your effort is sure to backfire. The resentment brought about by the exercitation of “spyware” only makes the problem worse. Your employees will end up wasting precisely more of their time – if not on work computers, then on their own personal devices.
Telecommuters, on the other hand, have a tendency to be even more productive when working from home or another remote location. Managers who still may feel uneasy about offering telework a try should consider utilizing one of the cloud-based software products designed to measure the productivity of telecommuting employees. Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much your teleworking employees get done. And better still – you’ll never again allow to worry about ways to monitor employee Internet usage!