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Unique Approach in Addressing Security Breaches: Remote Guarding Solutions

Crime and loss prevention through Remote Guarding involve a proprietary re-combination of security technologies, staffing and procedures. It is based on leveraging the current technology also superordinate practices in the monitoring and security industries for procedures to implement a forensics based, fully interactive Remote Monitoring Services.

Many Remote Guarding service providers are barely one step above burglar alarm systems, where they conation to monitor client sites via security surveillance systems to use an vision to verify any alarm to law enforcement. Remote Guarding involves a focus on privation prevention by diffusing events back they happen, and getting law enforcement to respond quickly if required, thus zero false alarms. Of the many elements of what differentiates this clever service, the Freedom Operations Command Center brings them full together form revolutionary interactive remote monitoring services, known as Remote Guarding. From the Adjuration Center, highly trained agents are able to exercise exact and monopolize to manage any event or security situation, live and in real-time, using live video and audio access to patient sites.

The interactivity from this remote monitoring service is one of its greatest advantages. To exemplify, before a potential threat or unwanted activity has bot detected, the bi-directional, live audio report system operates allow Command Center based agents to interact with the intruder or intruders to actually speak to them, to tell them they are trespassing, their actions are being recording and that the police are being mobilized if they do not leave immediately. While these emergency measures certainly minimizes the chances concerning theft, vandalism and any damage being done to the property, the blazing audio and video support to responding officers when obligatory to mobilize law enforcement protect any crime in progress is addressed as effectively and quickly as possible. In addition, resulting video from live agent use of on-site security surveillance systems results in effective testify needed for the identification and potential prosecution of the perpetrator(s).

The switch to Remote Guarding has many benefits. First and for most, is the effective prevention of crime for your facility. Second, is that Remote Guarding is not only dramatically more effective than ivied approaches to security utilizing security guards and video surveillance, it is significantly less expensive, by 50% or more.