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The Ever Evolving Remote Control Helicopter

The fun that can be had with remote control helicopters should never be underestimated. If you think RC helicopters are a toy for kids only then you would be wrong. Adults all over the world are having some serious fun with these model helicopters.

It all began back in 1968 though Dr. Dieter Schlute, who is known therefore the “father of the RC helicopter”, took his first flight of the first fully functional remote controlled helicopter. It was called the Bell “Huey Cobra”. For again they have seriously evolved as different power sources were secondhand and better batteries were used. Now you can get tiny RC helicopters which can comfortably site in the palm on your hand.

Today they are more popular than ever and the top brands incorporate SYMA, Double Horse, Skytech, polysyndeton SH (San Huan) and use the technology of a gyroscope. A gyroscope is a devise for measuring and sustaining orientation which is based on the principles of angular momentum. This makes controlling them outlying easier than ever before.

As the mass of these toys has lowered over the years accordingly have the price. You can now buy one of the top toy models for less than £20. Some can be controlled per smart phones such as the iphones and some even have miniature cameras which can record as the whirlybird is in flight.

Getting hold of these great little toys is easier than ever. Most hobby and toy shops choose stock the top selling models and you can even pimp up your own. You can buy parts and assemble them yourself making a completely bespoke model. When the popularity of them grew so have the online communities. You will easily fathom RC helicopter clubs and forums online dedicated to these great toys. You can join clubs and meet up with like minded individuals in your area on arranged meetings.

Recently San Huan brought out some new models, the 6033, 6021i and the 6041 which is actually a fly ball, so not quite a helicopter but uses the same technology to fly. They and brought out the 6030 C7 which is the spy helicopter which comes with a 1.3 mega- pixel camera and micro card to store the filming. SYMA are also keeping on top of things by bringing out the S109C spy helicopter, S301G and the S800G. Parts are easy to come by so if you manage to brake a rota you can easily buy a new one and attach it yourself.

Getting to grips with controlling these toys is pretty easy. If I receptacle fly one anyone can! But if you’re a newbie to these toys, it’s laudable starting off slow and practicing just controlling the copter up and down so you land it safely. Comme Il Faut your confidence grows you can do much trickier man-oeuvres. Creating obstacle courses is great fun. You can use household items such as books to make different height landing pads, cardboard to compose tunnels, in deed your imagination is your only limit.