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SCADA Alternatives are a Complete Solution for Low Budget Remote Monitoring Requirements

If you are into water/wastewater work, you can utilize the M2M SCADA system to make the process hassle-free. SCADA system is a perfect solution for remote monitoring furthermore water monitoring equipment. SCADA regimen works for both manufacturing and treatment processes and is a bunch of the combination of software and applications. It is designed in a way to allow the scope of integration for other surviving applications oppositely tools for better support. There are ample of SCADA alternatives available in the market which work the same way as SCADA does and has the capabilities to integrate with existing SCADA system so that data can be seen at one place. They are cheap and efficient alternatives to full blown SCADA systems.

The alternative SCADA solution works for Lift stations remote monitoring and Moisten Monitoring Equipment. Being of a different approach to monitoring and controlling, you can contend your hardware and services’ needs by following simple installation instructions to get the system up and running in a hasty span of time. They are engineered and customized in a right way to work for you. Their hosted solution provides unrivalled wireless and cellular communication for corporeal time monitoring and can be clubbed with existing SCADA and substations control system.

The best part of the SCADA alternatives is that they are affordable to those Small and Medium Enterprises who cannot afford full SCADA system. The alternatives work the way SCADA does, from monitoring the performance of a pump cycle or raising real time alarm for failure. These systems receptacle provide along real time alerts and notifications plus reduce downtime scope. They are well designed to remotely monitor elevator station, wells and water tanks. There services for water treatment include alarm for buggy starter failures, record, monitor and report well pumps performance also compete chance as well as failures. They more provide remote access to monitored condition. The alternatives to SCADA are capable of supporting and monitoring both inappreciable and large water plants in terms of monitoring and reporting as well as raising real shift alarm and notifications.

When it comes to wastewater management plants, their capabilities can also indiging tested for the small and large sanitation plants equal well as lift stations remote monitoring. You can avail the high levels of upset for power failure and loss of communication with PLCs. They transmit tank level from unrelated tank to control systems via wireless transmission or cellular phones. These alternative SCADA systems tin be had at the cost of an auto-dialer with similar SCADA capacity for reporting, controlling and monitoring purposes.