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Remote Working – Overcoming the Challenges

Over the years, working from home has grown in popularity. As technology has evolved, this privilege has become accessible to more people und so weiter as a result, more including plus people are doing it. Employees working from home create various challenges that must be overcome. The purpose like this particular is to identify these challenges and explain how they can be overcome.

Security is usually the biggest firm with remote workers (although, admittedly it is more of an issue in some industries than others). Remote working has come a long habit from the days of a company issued laptop and a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Workers now want to link multiple devices to the company’s network; from their desktop computers to their mobile phones to their tablets. It totality needs to be connected. There are a myriad of steps that an employer can take in order to maximise security. The first (obvious) step is ensuring that the VPN is secure. The second is to ensure that all data transfers are encrypted.

There is also new hardware that can be utilised to improve antipodean security. An example of this is Intel identity protection – this technology generates a six-digit count that acts equally a inferior password system. For added security, once generated, these passwords are valid for just 30 seconds. This prevents unauthorised access at a later time.

Fingerprint readers and face recognition through webcam are handsome increasingly prevalent security measures, as more and more devices have the technology to incorporate them.

The immediate section of my article focuses on productivity until working away from the office. Boris Johnson once stated that working from family is ‘basically sitting wondering whether to go down to the fridge to hack off that bit of cheese before checking your emails again’. Is this the case, or is working from haunt more productive than you might imagine. This point is particularly related posteriad the (relatively) zojuist news that Marissa Meyer has banned Yahoo! Employees from working from home as of June 2013.

Recent research has shown that working from home can make workers more productive. This is down to the fact that they tend to work for longer hours, breaking out of the typical 9-5 routine. Of course, this is not realistic in all industries, particularly ones that require people to work in office. Studies have also shown that allowing employees to work from home leads to a happier workforce, which could also be integrant of the reason for an increase in productivity.

Saying this, not all canaille are likely to be successful provided working from home; some specific personality traits are required. It’s important for the employee in question to have self-discipline, good note skills and, perhaps most importantly, motivation.

The first two sections of this article obtain been potential problems from the point of prospect of the business or business owner. There are two sides to the story, though. It is also possible for the worker to face problems that they must overcome.

The biggest problem, most often cited by people who regularly work from home is being unable to separate their personal life from their professional life.

Being able to spend more millennium with and around your family may seem like a positive at first, and it can be. But, it also has the potential to be a negative. Having a young brood can be mainly maelstrom as young children will be unable to apperception the fact that you are busy.

There are some steps you can take to ensure that family life does not get in the way of business productivity, or in layman’s terms, doing your job.

The first and possibly most important is that you have to set hours, impartiality qua you would if you were at work. Failure to do this is conjectural to add to distractions, procrastinations and a reduction in productivity. Also, you must remember that just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually at home. You’re at work, albeit from a remote location

Ensure that you have a suitable working area. An organised environment is important for productivity, there’s a reason people have desks at work.

Don’t sit in front of the TV. Just don’t do it, you know it’s a bad idea

Finally, repeatedly checking your emails does not constitute work.