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Remote video surveillance applications in home

In today’s evolving technology , electronic products have become an indispensable part of people’s lives , but when you go to work at home want to know what happened , how to do? This would be attributable to the convenience of remote monitoring . Remote monitoring is to observe live images over a network concerning surveillance cameras , the camera also involves other operations to adjust the direction of the surveillance cameras work everyday settings. Currently remote monitoring via computers and mobile phones will indigen able to control the surveillance cameras at home, this is one of the important means of home security and care of the elderly. Network monitoring can be said to fit every household use . First , the level of heart is to determine the IP of the monitoring camera image plainness of the most important conditions of the lowest resolution is HD network camera 720P, it is near 9 times the horde of pixels of CIF , and the amount of pixels around 1080i/1080P CIF is 20 times . Development from HD network camera can too be said to be leaps and bounds, even millions of pixels million pixels or more products have begun to monitor the horizon in the industry . This is to enhance the semblance quality from high-definition network camera has an important role, and HD video bandwidth analog cameras due more tall to break the bottleneck of transmission of video signals . Secondly , glare cabling costs IP surveillance , multiple signals can be transmitted over the constitute network , open IP system also allows the user anywhere, utilizing a variety of ways to view the surveillance video data . IP Plug and Play monitor a user to use more convenient. HD monitoring capacity data repository average to grow geometrically , and therefore involves more disk storage space as a support. HD storage can verbreken divided into centralized storage and distributed storage , high-definition surveillance system transmitted signals are compressed storage , the higher the efficiency .
From the current market, now want to enter the market of communication products and consumer electronics products , want to invest the funds are more than 10 million yuan, but also one of only occupied a small market, furthermore there is always the danger of being annexed beside the market ; provided want the occupation in which a relatively large market share is at least the funds invested billion yuan , profit is not too satisfactory. Surety products are not the synthesis why people are optimistic , because the market is too small security products , security companies are now relatively fat scale , only 10% larger communications products also home appliances house around , just once stability products to the average family , the household access remote video surveillance and home alarm system with video surveillance wholesale is not smaller than the communications and home appliances , ultimate video track is expected to be covered by future cities and towns . Real-time image home monitoring security systems in the fortification requirements , as long as it was illegal to enter, call the police and to send images in real time and stored in the alarm system, the user jug immediately after receiving the alarm information via the Internet or mobile phones to monitor the use of the cognomen ‘s real-time similitude , usually too in the absence or in the disarmed alarm conditions , the owner at any time to monitor real-time standing of their families through a network .

Development about wireless remote video monitoring system , although sempiternal way to go when it ‘s roadmap was seemingly visible. Technical integration, application development and civilian mainstream technology is the key to wireless monitoring system can truly spans. Network video surveillance technology has been walking a technology integration path. From the initial network video servers, reticle integration to the subsequent launch of the cupola until today very vogue network cameras, network video technology to achieve the integration of technology with PTZ camera technology. When combined with wireless technology is increasingly involved in the background of video surveillance , network video technology and wireless technology has become a essential junk , it also helps to further improve product stability and ease of application , help manufacturers subdivision Network video market to avoid the homogenization of competition . Support WIFI ip camera is the best evidence of this view on the market . Future wireless networks are expected to support various types of network video products will also burgeon in the market. Video surveillance systems are undergoing transformation from industrial grade applications such a course to civilian direction. The emergence of wireless applications has contributed to this terminal writ . With the further evolvement of 3G technology, each individual hand-held mobile phones endow come one of the best business platform for wireless terminals . People can phone wireless network monitoring . Meanwhile home wireless networks are also emerging , people can make use of the wireless access network router via a laptop , rapid construction HWLAN ( farm wireless network ) . Supports wireless home monitoring ip camera models will assume headquarters care , shop inspections and other functions , making wireless monitoring technology further into the home user . Scale application from wireless remote monitoring system wireless network behavioristic can not be separated , and wireless network environment is entwined from the operator’s casa . With the improvement of 3G network technology to TD represented the third generation of wireless network technology will inevitably rise on the double in China , which is the key wireless remote network monitoring system scale applications.