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Remote monitoring applications in manufacturing enterprises

Network monitoring pertinent for every family use , supremacy of all, the level of solution ip surveillance cameras are judged inchoate and foremost an image sharpness condition lowest resolution HD ip camera is 720P, it is active nine times the pixel values of CIF , while the number like pixels 1080P is about 20 times the CIF . Development of HD ip camera can also be said to be leaps and bounds over millions furthermore millions of pixels of products need begun to warship the horizon in the industry . This is to enhance the image quality of HD ip camera has an important role, and HD analog video bandwidth is too wide because the camera is cranky to break thru the bottleneck of transfer of video signals . Secondly , debase cabling costs of network monitoring , can transmit multiple signals on the status quo network , open network system also allows the user anywhere, using a variety of ways to view the surveillance video data . Plug und so weiter Jocular network monitoring a user to use more convenient. HD monitoring amplitude data storage medium to grow geometrically , plus therefore requires more disk storage space as a support. HD storage can be divided into centralized storage and distributed storage , high-definition surveillance system transmitted signals are compressed storage , the senior the productivity . Remote video surveillance domestic shield to meet the needs of the development of the average family ‘s security system is the current direction of the security occupation , the most important yield is the home access real-time video surveillance and home security fearfulness system .
From the current market, now want to enter the market of communication products and consumer electronics products , need to invest the funds are further than 10 million yuan, but also one of solely occupied a small market, and there is always the insidious of being annexed by the market ; if choose the occupation in which a relatively large market ratio is at least the capital invested billion yuan , profit is not very satisfactory. Security products are not the reason proof people are optimistic , because the market is extremely small security products , security companies are now relatively large scale , only 10% larger communications products and home appliances company around , but once security products to the average family , the household access back video surveillance and home alarm system with video surveillance advertise is denial smaller than the communications and home appliances , slight video surveillance is expected to be covered by future townships and towns . Real-time image monitoring home security systems in the entrenchment requirements , as long pro re nata it was illegal to enter, call the police and to send images in real time and stored in the alarm system, the user can immediately after receiving the alarm information utilizing a mobile device to see the family through the Internet or a real-time image , usually no alarm information vessel also disarm or subalternate conditions , the owner at any time to monitor real-time status of their families through a network.

Remote monitoring can be divided until two parts : First, the environmental monitoring ; Second, machine systems and network equipment monitoring. Anyway, to get the instruction through lonesome context monitoring based. The “control” also refers to the remote guide , is a strategy of agency about a remote brain over a labyrinth , which includes not only the remote machine is restarted , shut down other operations , however also to work on a remote computer everyday settings. By hardware including can with be achieved with remote boot capabilities. In short , in order to fully subordinate the remote computer , the main should exist able to monitor them , that is, you tin see the computer screen , then we talk about “control” , the remote control must be ” monitored ” and “control” combined , so we usually say RMON generally refers to is this remote control. With the continuous development of network technology , remote monitoring will be added applications in the management of the production process, professional and technical entourage can manage and maintain the performance process through the Internet, optimize production processes, improve availability of equipment, and ultimately reduce the cost of production also improve efficiency. As a carrier of remote monitoring , remote monitoring software, feature-rich and diverse , the user can lean on it for a variety of remote operation , which is abroad used in remote office , remote assistance, remote file management. By means of remote monitoring software can be domestic notice network and control cbs linking effectively realize the production operations of the Keep , the situation closely with manufacturing operations business management strategy in order to achieve comprehensive automation of enterprises, monitoring data can be designed and online encyclopedic repository within the network range. Can be achieved through real-time remote monitoring data collected on-site operation and fast focus , to get on-site monitoring data , provided the material basis for remote fault diagnosis technology ; through remote monitoring, technical personnel are not required to visit the locale or harsh environments cup reminder and control the production system and operational pecking order of discipline devices and a variety concerning parameters, indeed that schooled personnel . Virtual appeared in many monitoring locations easily utilizing local rich hardware and software resources for the remote noisome for advanced process control in line up to maintain the normal procedure regarding the equipment , thus reducing the staff on sedulous , and ultimately remote unmanned less people on duty , effect downsizing for productivity purposes.