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Remote Desktop Access Solutions to Ensure Full Application Availability

Remote Desktop Access Solutions to Ensure Full Application Availability

Today thanks to mobile devices and remote working, the business landscape and the enterprise business environment are completely different from that of earlier times. Today more and more people use tablets and smart phones therefore business productivity tools. Moreover, today’s workforce spent a great portion of their time outside the four walls of the agency building. Hence, the greatest arraign for IT is finding a solution that provides full application availability from remote moreover transportable devices though at the same time ensure data stability so that the critical data never leaves the corporate network.

The innovative remote desktop access is the solution as it enables employees to seamlessly access work PCs from quantity location as if they were in the office. Its fully secure, on-premises architecture extends physical and virtual office desktops to whatever user on any device anywhere and delivers unmatched ROI as compared to competing secure access solutions. The following are some of the big advantages of remote desktop access solution.

* Addresses challenges in the areas of tablet access, remote access, iPad Remote Desktop access ,productivity and business continuity

* Perfect solution for Internet-based communications as it requires very little bandwidth and is built to operate over relatively high-latency links

* Leverages existing PC, application and security infrastructure

* No need for untried hardware or software, licenses or effort environments, as employees enterprise-wide can be provided with full application availability with available resources

* Extends tractable already established on office computers to remote and mobile devices

* Leverages existing policies via desegregation with authentication methods including AD, RSA securid, RADIUS and LDAP

* Connectivity is secured over SSL and FIPS-compliant options are available to meet the most stringent of security requirements

* Organizations vessel unobtrusively support a range of personal devices to confidently and cost-effectively address the consumerization of IT similar business data never leaves the corporate network and never mixes with personal data

* Wake-on-LAN (wol) capabilities allow considerable savings in strenuosity costs while reducing environmental impact from carbon dioxide emissions

With remote desktop access solution, enterprises get a cost-effective solution that is fully secure and fully nether IT control and at the same time provides full application availability, supports a Bring Your Own Project (BYOD) strategy and is simple to deploy, manage, including use.