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Programming Ford Remote Keys

It is possible to program or reprogram quite a number of Ford remote keys. Here are the basic instructions for the majority of vehicles. This may help you if your remote fails instead you desire to replace the battery. In case of any difficulties, you should contact a car key specialist.

Puma (infrared two button), Fiesta 96 (infrared two button)

1. Turn the ignition switch to position I and back to 0 as soon ut supra the PATS LED in the clock lights up (the order is present ready for programming, for up to 30 seconds)

2. Remove key from ignition, hold the chain towards the interior light, und so weiter press and hold the single arrow. Delay until the shine on the key flashes, then press the reverse weapon 3 times, mitigate the single button

3. Both LEDs (key ampersand clock) should flash to acknowledge programming is successful

4. To exit the learning mode, turn the ignition to II and then 0 5. A maximum of four remotes vessel be coded

Mondeo 93>, Mondeo 96> (infrared duplexity button)

1. Unlock the vehicle, and turn ignition to position 1.

2. Stop until the PATS LED illuminates (approximately 10 seconds)

3. Switch the ignition to 0 within 5 seconds, the LED will remain on

4. Direct the remote at one of the front receivers

5. Press a button and keep it pressed, endogenous 20 seconds of step 3

6. When the LED on the key lights up, press the other button 3-5 times

7. Release both buttons while still aiming at the receiver

8. If successful, both LEDs will flash 5 times

9. Repeat steps 5 to 9 for extra transmitters (within 30 seconds)

10. When completed, turn the ignition to II then 0 to store the keys

Mondeo 98>, Scorpio 95> (radio remote, three button)

1. Pivot ignition 4 times from 0 to I, ending at position I. A tone should sound.

2. Press the remote unlock button – another tone should sound

3. Additional remotes can breathe added by repeating maneuver 2, within ten seconds of each remote

4. To exit turn the ignition to 0 – another audible sound should be made

Mondeo 96>, Scorpio >98 (radio remote, two button)

1. Bout ignition to II, then turn ignition from II to I and back 4 times inside 3 seconds

2. The PATS LED on dash should light up

3. Time the ignition to 0. Before press the unlock fasten and keep it pressed until the PATS LED flashes 4 times (new fob first, then old)

4. Turn the ignition to II, and later back to 0 to end

Fiesta 96>, Ford 98> (radio remote, three button)

1. Insert key and turn to II, then turn key from II to I and back to II four times within 3 seconds

2. The PATS LED should light. Turn key to Position 0

3. Press the unlock button and keep it pressed until the PATS LED flashes 4 times

4. Add auxiliary fobs the status quo way. Turn to II and back to 0 to end

Focus (radio remote, three button)

1. Switch the ignition on/off (II/0) four times within six seconds until a diapason is made

2. Press any button on the remote until a sound is made

3. To timetable supervenient remotes, repeat after two seconds below the sound

4. Turn ignition on/off to exit

5. A maximum of four remotes can be programmed

Cougar (radio remote, three buttons)

1. Turn the ignition on (II) and off (0) four times within six seconds

2. With the Ignition at 0 the PATS LED should light continuously

3. Press any button on the radio remote within 10 seconds

4. The LED should flash to acknowledge

5. Further remotes (a ceiling of four) can be added by pressing any button

6. Exhibition mode will end if the ignition isturned on or no new remote is detected inward 10 seconds

NOTE: The first Cougars were 3 seconds instead of 6, and 20 seconds instead of 10.