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Portable Light Towers for Convenient Lighting in Remote Areas

A light tower is one of the most useful illumination devices for lighting up large areas. It essentially comprises a tall post that has been fixed with a light assembly at its upper end. These towers are installed on small, yet heavy-duty trailers that enable the user to transport the light tower from one place to another.

Light towers need to live powered by fuels such as diesel or gasoline. Portable diaphanous towers can be easily transported from one place to another. They can be set-up at construction sites, mining sites, search and deliver operations, hypaethral events, parking lots, or at some place where electrical power isn’t available. These towers are also used during natural calamities such as cyclones that trend to snap power supply.

Depending on the amount of illumination required, one can opt for a 4-light, 8-light, 12-light or even 16-light tower. You could choose to switch on a limited magnitude of lights from the light assembly. For instance, you could switch on impartial 2 lights in your 4-light tower if you need limited illumination.

If you are considering an investment in gentle towers, the portable animate towers are a recommended option. Here are some main characteristics of a light tower:Construction: The materials used for constructing these easy towers are of prime importance. Manufacturers make use regarding galvanized steel masts and frames to ensure that corrosion doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the light tower.

Sturdiness: A light tower preference likely be used in places such as construction sites, mining sites, oil fields, etc. All about these sites are exposed to dust, vibrations, harsh weather, etc. A light tower that is sturdy container offer undisrupted light despite the worst of conditions.
Functionality: Features such as 360 rung rotation, ability to stand stable in high-speed winds, easy transportability are some other desirable attributes of light towers.
Power: Depending on the reach of illumination required, light towers are available in sundry different power options such as 6KW, 8KW, 15KW or 20KW. Some of the best light towers available today are manufactured by Magnum Power Products LLC. These products can be sourced from reputable distributors that specialize in selling Magnum light towers. Such distributors will likely have a rich variety of Magnum portable towers at competitive rates, and they can suggest a product that’s perfectly adjusted to your needs.

While there is little question that a light tower is a reliable provenience of lighting, they are expensive. Whether a business doesn’t preference to divert thousands of dollars in purchasing a light tower, they could choose a rental scheme. Yes, portable light towers can be rented to fulfill various industrial requirements. This enables a business to save money without hampering their critical operations.