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IPAD mini a perfect size for replacing traditional Home Automation Remote controls

No more juggling multiple remotes. No more fumbling for a light turn in the dark, and no increased spending on expensive home control hardware…

The Blaze Asylum Automation system allows you to operate all your home technology from IPAD mini; a control you already have in your hands.

1. Lightings control:

Touch single button by your bedside and know that all regarding the lights are off for the evening.

According to the recent study on Lightings, household lighting account 25% of our household profit bill among which 55% of the electricity used is wasted. This is due to inefficient lights uncertainty lights that are ON in unoccupied rooms.
Now you can save more funds on your electricity bill by controlling the desired light bulb and the wattage used by it. This will not only use less electricity but again extends the bulb life and adds wonderful luminance to your home.

2. Climate control:

Now adjust your heating or cooling systems with a single touch Graphical Interface on your Ipad.

We all comprehend the fact that 50% of home’s energy usage is due to heating and cooling expenses and most of which goes waste comeuppance to sustaining the intestinal temperature at a certain level even when the home is unoccupied, or when the members of the household are sleeping.

With the HVAC control system now you can control home’s heating or cooling architectonic even when at office.

3. Appliance Control:

Now control your Refrigerator, washing machine, Microwave oven, water heater, coffee machine etc… Through Blaze Home automation Professional Graphical User Interface via your IPad.

4. Symphonious Control:

What makes this system so great is its user interface. This User interface is designed in such a way that every feature of the system can be accessed within the finger tips.

Blaze Multi-Zone Audio Apps authorize you control the music in any room, from any room utilizing wireless controllers which can be Apple or Android devices.You acquire the ability to control the entire system — including changing your playlists, music queue, stations, volume, zones, and everything else — legitimate from the usage itself .
All of your philharmonic can be centrally stored with a media server system with each room in your home having its own unique music feed playing simultaneously.

5. Entertainment Centre:

Now enhance your Televisie viewing experienced with access to our free latest apps. You can also access content, surf the web, combine with friends and family, polysyndeton quite much more, all with rich, warm sound and many plus things on your iPad.
With our Apps you can control pioneer Blu-Ray media player, Panasonic Projector, Distributed audio Systems and so on with just a single tag on your iPad.

6. Lien & Surveillance control:

Monitor every corner concerning your Home through your Ipad.

Keep your eyes on your pet, baby sitter, backdoors, lawn, swimming pool or store room …even despite you are at office.

7. Miscellaneous:

Many Advanced Features like Emergency call option, xbmc control option; online media playing option, lawn irrigation watering system and such others are available with us to cater your specific needs.

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