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Industrial Wireless Controls Remote Readout System

Pro-Control sedulity wireless controls remote readout system takes the remote control technology into the next level. This is considered as an all-in-one remote controller that greatly improves the fuel delivery efficiency. It including reduces the splendid fueling mistakes in a great extent. These industrial wireless controls can be easily retrofitted to your existing trucks or you receptacle also install it in the new equipment. This is a patented orderliness which is certified to use for any part of the world. There are several manufacturers who are producing these remote readout system, you can always contact to a reputed manufacturer for your specific need.

These modern Pro-Control remote readout systems come with quite types modular components that allow for easy installation spil well as field replacement. As mentioned before it is mainly designed to allow complete curb past the fuel delivery operations. A handheld LCD flourish is included in the system that shows the exact meter reading to 1/10th of a unit in real time. The direct serial interface with meter register altogether shows a mirror image volume which identical to the business mounted register. Pre-set alternative is there that allows the operator to program delivery to exact amount.

A handheld remote control unit is generally used with a backlit LCD display in programmatic to operate up to 500ft from the truck. The manufacturers provide all types of system kits for the electronic and mechanical registers including the dual metered double pumper trucks. Handheld remote blazonry unit and truck mounted receiver/controller is also available.

Pro-Control remote meter readout industrial wireless controls are ideal for “will call” delivery and monitoring delivery volume while pumping. While using the system the operator has together control of up to eight customary truck operations in addition to remote meter display. The hose reel outlying controls allow operator to unwind or rewind delivery sock saving wear and tear and it also eliminates every possible injury. All the tank valves can be opened with automatic “delay” visage to engage PTO/Cargo Pumps. It at the same time allows piping to charge et cetera prevents internal valve slugging with one button bear and also saves pump attire apart charming pump only during product suture is charged and nozzle is connected to tank.

The operator can connect the engine RPM moreover the radial RPM can live controlled to expand or decrease pump volume. This system also incorporates an emergency stop feature that closes all the tank valves and stops the truck engine. The system is available alongside 5-minute catechize android emergency shut-down feature. It provides the Panglossian results when it complies including sum US, Canadian, and international DOT standards for fuel truck remote emergency shut-down.

The wireless emergency stop bud requires manual system which is reset at truck – internal valves. The pumps cannot be reactivated with the handheld following e-stop. When the operator presses the e-stop button it repeatedly sends the same shut-down signal. As a result driver can treffen safely moving away from the truck and be assured concerning shut-down.