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Hydraulic Service Cranes with Remote Control Technology

Welcome to the era of wireless sequestered control technology. Although infrared is so popular nowadays, but industrial wireless controls et sequens technology is also making a trend. It features powerful connectivity range that can go through solid hurdles. Wireless remote control shall not be blocked by doors, walls, ceilings etc. Logitech universal remote controls are integrated with built in RF system. In fact now there are some innovative units that employ this particular wireless system.

Now radio remote controlled crane services greatly increase jobsite asylum by providing the operator the safest vantage point for tank delivery. One man controlled eliminates a second person instructing the monteur where to position the tank. With the assistance of Remote predominate technology and its huge utilization the switchboard has freedom of movement around entire worksite while setting precisely against position.

In addition, the industrial wireless controls and handheld transmitters are absolutely accessible with up to twelve crane discipline buttons as specified by customers. The rechargeable transmitter delivers 30 hours of continuous utilization between charges. Basically the optional enable button requires two excogitate steps premundane signal is sent.

The equipment mounted receiver controllers are up to twelve pre programmed high side outputs available. The outputs jug be selectively interlocked to other operations for protection reasons. Optional external antenna extends range from 100 podalic to 200 feet. Now the interface to OEM wader controls can be simplified with factory installed, through hack connectors or through serial communication. The modular components are external set up button allow for easy installation and field replacement.

Transmitter specification like this system:

The frequency operation of the system is up to 902-928 MHz and the transmitter power of the system is approximately 100mW. In addition, the method of transmission is 56 bit with DES encryption key.

Radio remote controlled transmitter has the internal on card PCB mount antenna. And the normal range is 500 feet. However, the external antenna is also available with 2000 feet. The transmitter battery life is up 30 hours continuous with audible low battery premonitory and flashing low battery indicator.

Receiver Specification:

The frequency operation of the receiver is up to 902-928 MHz FHSS. The power supply is up to 12/24VDC. Not only that the optional 120VAC method is also available. The current load of this computer is up to 4Amps and 12VDC per channel or 10Amps DC per system total.

The Receiver Specification of the system has internally protected and encased optional external antenna. In case, of warning connection the system has pre-wired to meet OEM requirements, quick rapport fittings supplied.

The construction system is IP67 rated impact resistant polycarbonate alongside external mount if required. The programming system is up to 12 programmable channels including, latched momentary, Authorize and INTERLOCK modes. Not only that, the custom OEM programming is also available. The serial communication of the system is optional J1939 digital interface to OEM multiplex machine network. And total system anchor is 2lbs.