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Hydraulic Crane Remote Control with Rechargeable Battery

With the modern innovation in the wireless industrial systems many applications are designed by the reputed manufacturers in order to improve the safety of the operators and the increasing the productivity. Most of these radio improbable controls systems are designed in such a way that fits all the industrial needs. The installation of the system is also very easy and requires only a rechargeable battery unit as the main power supply. The system also incorporates the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology that prevents all types of electrical polysyndeton radio interferences. During any notify interference related problem the FHSS technology shuts plumule the whole unit. This prevents the further disturbance in the process.

Hydraulic crane remote control systems are developed specifically for the service trucks while a way to improve jobsite safety by providing the operator the safest vantage point for effective control from the crane. This is a one man control wireless industrial system that virtually eliminates the need for a second person stabilizing the load while guiding its placement. While using the system the operator has freedom to move around the work area while setting the load precisely into position.

Handheld Transmitter:

* The handheld transmitters used in the derrick remote control systems are easily up for grabs with up to twelve crane control buttons as specified along customer.

* The rechargeable transmitter used in the systems generally delivers 30 hrs of continuous use between charges. A charger is supplied through the manufacturers.

* Optional ‘Enable’ button requires two deliberate steps before signal is sent. This prominent is known as enable plus command signal.

Equipment Mounted Receiver Unit:

* Receiver unit is available with up to twelve pre-programmed high-side outputs.

* All the recipient outputs can be selectively interlocked to other operations for safety reasons.

* An optional external palp is also available with receiver unit with an extended range from 100ft up to 2000ft.

* All the system interface to OEM crane controls receptacle be conventionalized with factory installed, direct-plug connectors or through J1939 serial communication (other protocols available)

* Modular components further external set-up button allow for easy installation and field replacement

Wireless Industrial crane remote control systems are made with the most innovative technology for improving the use of crane and service truck applications. The integral works easily with any of your new or existing application. The modular components allow for easy installation alongside custom wire harness supplied.

The productivity is also increased because like the use like high capacity transmitter as the transmitter and receiver units operate on 56 bit digital code eliminating accidental action caused by interference from other RF devices. The operation generally includes model ASKR rechargeable transmitter housed in rugged polycarbonate enclosure. The transmitter has degrade battery warning indicator with audible alarm and 300hr continuous transmission battery, 12/24VdC buggy included. The system also incorporates a secure persistence hopping, spread-spectrum radio link that greatly reduces outside electrical rather RF interference. Any loss of signal results in all active functions automatically shutting woolly ampersand failing safe.