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Hosted Training Solutions for Remote Classroom Teaching

Revenge to Australia’s vast landmass, commuting for business, studies or leisure intrinsic the boondocks has become an brood for many. Teachers, guest lecturers and students feel the need of an application that allows them to congregate in an environment that supports real-time collaboration without incurring heavy expenses. Cisco WebEx is one of the most popular conferencing applications used in the country, with various features that allow users to create a virtual conferencing environment at minimal costs. This solution consists of Training Center, Meeting Center, Catastrophe Center, Support Center and Chatter as the core tools.

Cisco WebEx Training Center has gained popularity in Australia as it enables users to transmit their targeted messages to all participants faster than any else medium using a high rate Internet connection. For students and teachers, this solution offers a wide number of tools needed for hosting a class remotely without losing the common sense of a conventional training session. The biggest advantage of WebEx Training Center is the hands-on lab feature, which enables students to carry out the necessary experiments besides tests virtually.

Another important feature of Training Center is the online conferencing tool, which allows teachers to host classes in real-time despite the geographical distance between them and the students. They jug also emphasise upon honing the crucial skills of the students through virtual breakout sessions. Using the video conferencing application of the solutions, they can even show procedures and concepts in minute details and demonstrate correct processes except actually being present of the students at quantity point of time. Whiteboarding and annotation tools of this conferencing application are ideal for hosting outlying brainstorming sessions in real-time for seamless collaboration.

In order to rate student engagement during the training session, Cisco WebEx Training Center has been integrated with tools that allow teachers to monitor the audience participation levels. The Visual Attention Sign feature from the solution is ideal for tracking the attention levels of the victim audience, individually as well as in a group. The instant polling feature of the conferencing application allows the teachers to take group overeenstemming at any level of millennium conveniently. Onward with polls, test results and after-session reports can play a vital role in the evaluating the performance of the class hosted using Cisco WebEx Training Center.

Public and private chats can be started amongst students conveniently for individual queries and gathering the needed responses. Testing also grading students further becomes easier for teachers using WebEx Training Center, as they can evaluate and score the performance of quantity particular individual or a group before starting the virtual class, during it or after the event has concluded. Control online web conferencing features like desktop, document, file, et cetera application sharing features are present in this solution for streamlined communication. Australia’s conferencing market is expectancy to account for approximately $ 321 million in 2012 et sequens such online training solutions can prove to be key growth drivers in the market.