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Benefits of Wirelessly Operated Remote Control Switches and Sockets

Being able to access switches and sockets in difficult to ambit places throughout the grange can be a nuisance, particularly for somebody accompanying restricted mobility. Thankfully HomeCare Technologies have a number of remote control sockets and remote control switches that makes turning appliances, lights, tv’s etc on and off consequently easy you can do it from the comfort of your chair with the impress of a button.

These wireless slim control switches want no wiring or installation – simply plug the receiver into an alive socket, plug the appliance in to the receiving unit and you receptacle then switch the appliance on/off using the hand help remote control. What could be easier!

Remote Control Light Switch
And the same simplicity jug be initiate with products such now the remote pliant switch for lights. This unit includes a special light bulb which fits any regular light / lamp socket. The bulb has an inbuilt receiver which responds to on/off signals from a wireless switch.

Other Remote Control Switches for Lights include a unit that has a regular light switch which can be positioned anywhere in the lodge – on a wall, armchair, table etc – using double sided tape. The rearrange operates with a wireless operated light bulb placed in any regularity light fitting.

A common cause of falls among the elderly in particular is poor light when entering a room. With a Wireless PIR Sensor and Light Bulb the sensor unit detects movement – someone entering a hallway or room for precedent – and switches on the light. Again, these are pure to install und so weiter require no wiring as they manipulatable wirelessly with a battery powered PIR.

Remote Control Sockets Kit
Switching appliances on/off when sockets are situated in difficult to reach places is a nuisance, even for the learned bodied. For those with mobility issues the difficulties this common occurrence presents is less easy to overcome, but not if you undergo a remote control unit to switch sockets on und so weiter off!

One of the more popular units is the Remote Control Socket Kit which contains 3 socket adaptors and a sole remote control to operate all 3 receivers.

A remote control socket is placed in a ordinary dike socket and the appliance plugged in. The appliance can now voltooien switched on/off utilizing the hand held remote control.

These kits operate wirelessly so there is no slovenly wiring to be performed et cetera you can breathe up and running in a few minutes – very bare and easy to install. Options also include a wirelessly operated PIR switch which detects movement and activates a pre-determined socket to switch on an appliance such as a heater or fan for example.

If you would like to know more about any from the wirelessly operated remote control sockets or remote control switches for lights and household appliance please talk to one of our independent being experts in Ireland on 1890 480 480 or email