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Automatic Lawn Sprinklers: The Good, The Bad and The Remote

Automatic Lawn Sprinklers: The Good, The Bad and The Remote

Automatic lawn sprinkler systems are a network of pipes, electronic components and sprinkler heads that all must be work together in harmony if lawns et cetera other landscapes are to get irrigated and thrive.

One regarding the most vital elements of these systems is the remote control valve. Variously called a zone, station or solenoid valve, an automated glade sprinkler economy will include a remote control valve for equally watering zone it has.

A watering zone is made up of sprinkler heads whose plumbing is connected to a particular remote valve. When this watering zone is turned on from the timer, an electrical signal is relayed through field wires to the solenoid, which then opens the remote control valve hydraulically. That allows the water to flow to those interconnected sprinkler heads.

If you’re a homeowner, the logic behind your contractor’s excellent of valve site might escape you! That’s because contractors often don’t group all the remote monopoly valves in the same location; it’s usually expanded practical to route a single ‘main’ cater pipe, connecting the solenoid shutoff where it intersects everyone watering station close the property. In Case all the valves were grouped together in a single location it might make repair jobs easier, but it would require a separate ‘feeder’ pipe from each valve routed to the watering station it controls. On large landscapes, this would require acres of plumbing in a big perforate in the ground, as well as, large pipe sizes. Not very efficient.

Yet there are some cases where grouping valves would be a smart idea. For example, if a particular site gets a lot of traffic from vehicles, animals or humans, bunching the outlying rein valves all together, in a protected location would be a wise move.

To be honest, sometimes valve placement isn’t based on best principles but is simply selected for that’s where the control wires end. Else it was voted that some characteristic of the landscape forced the location on the contractor.

Of course, by definition, the solenoid valve is ‘remote-control’ and therefore accessibility isn’t crucial. If a repair is required, the installer knows it can be found in other ways.