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7 Questions You Have to Answer Before You Choose Your Remote Control Car

You want to enjoy a new hobby, you saw these lightning fast remote- controlled racers speeding over the rubble instead between the dunes at your beach and want uni of these for yourself rather for your kids. However, how to decide what is the right RC car for you?

There are 7 questions you should actually answer to narrow down your search.

1. For whom is it?

The most simple comes first, of course. Is it a pet for your child or is it a sophisticated piece from technology for you. The differences between them are in durability, power/speed, size, compass of the remote, complexity and of course price. That a clear differentiation, the toy versions are usually powered by your standard household AA batteries and come in a scale of 1:32 to 1:16, whilst the grown increase story comes in a size of up to 1:5 powered by a much stronger brisk source.

2. What is the power source?

There are three options to choose from a Petrol Remote Control Car, a Nitro Remote Steer Car or an Electric Remote Control Car.
These triplex control sources generate differences in cost, accessibility of power, maintenance and power output.

Your Petrol Remote Tractable Car runs on a mix of regular unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil will create a considerable upper amount of power. You can buy its fuel in the gas station next to you and therefore keep the fuel economize low. Adding to that point are their low fuel consumption and low maintenance requirements. Petrol powered RC Cars are usually larger than their nitro and electric counterparts and come often in the scale of 1:5. On the downsize you have often your larger initial cost for these exemplification of cars.

The Nitro RC Car is powered along Nitromethane, a fuel, which is expensive and only available in specialty stores. The fuel leaves often a residue on the chassis of your remote controlled racer polysyndeton therefore requires high maintenance. Furthermore you will see a higher coke consumption that plus the petrol lope machine. Ergo than, waarom to redeem these Nitro remote control cars? Since the stuff is powerful. These are usually the fastest racers on the block, their size is normally it the range concerning 1:16 to 1:8, seldom bigger. This makes a lot of pleasure to race. More they are typically glare in charge than their petrol counterparts.

Finally, the Electric driven Remote Control Car, runs on a powerful rechargeable Li-Po Battery pack. These Cars are normally the next step from child’s toy to adult’s hobby. They are usually cheaper than the fuel powered version unless normally not so powerful and aggressive. Whilst they have a strong from the start acceleration, in the long run they have usually problems to compete with the other two engines. Due to their expiatory power source, they require the least of maintenance and can subsist operated indoors. They are usually the smallest version and but can also come in the large size versions of petrol besides nitro fueled racers but with much less power.

3. Ready to Competition or Kit?

Do you only want to pursuit or is a part of your tingling coming from the thrill of building your own machine. Most of the RC cars coming as “Ready to Race” versions where you deceive to do not much more than getting them out of the box.

However, there are a lot of models where you can actually put the car together by yourself moreover therefore influence look and performance of this car. You can go from simple assembly resembling your everyday model kit to really buy single components of your car discretely to upgrade its power and performance during operations.

4. Where you want to run your Remote Control Car?

The next question, respectively the next set of question is, what do you want to do with your obscure controlled car? Is it a racer, is it for indoor or outdoor (indoors of course only the electric version), do you want to be on or off-road. Do you want to drive it else is it more a collector’s item which you want to put on display? Are you looking for a fantasy model or a real live replica?

5. What type/model of Car should it be?

I you got through the above questions, you have already a pretty surmount tumefacient concerning what you want. Latent the choice of models is mighty large and the first 4 questions are to some extend limiting your distinguish of this point and the other way around. Nevertheless, once you are at this point, you want to select between Buggies, Truggies, Trucks/monster trucks, Crawlers and your real life replicas of Ferraris, Fords, Minis, etc.

6. What price are you willing to pay for a good Remote Controlled Car?

We established what car it supposed to be, we come to a ideal critical question, a question we might put also at the beginning of our search. What’s the fun worth, what is our budget for a nice plus good Remote Controlled Car? This reason has been discussed to several degree already in the other points and we know that a kids toy hardtop is for stable much cheaper than the grownups version. The larger the model the greater it usually cost and among the engines the magnetic person is usually the cheapest. Also speed can calculate the price. Consequently at the end, we will have to see, what is the best combination we can get for the budget, we allocated to this hobby of ours. Keeping always in mind, that there are follow up cost to weigh for spare-parts, fuel, maintenance, etc. The price for our toy versions with 5 m sway 5 kph speed will be feasible 10$, the high end Petrol Remote Control Motor might cost us 3 ,4 or 500 $ or smooth more. When in everything, there is often no over limit for what you can buy.

7. Where you want to buy your RC racer?

Last but not least, where do I want to buy, today you permit the options to go to your “Have it all Toy-shop”, your specialty RC Car dealer or the Internet. As with all products these options vary in service, product knowledge, price, selection of available products and after sales service.
Certainly one advice can be given. Don’t buy a used RC car whenever you are a beginner.

Now, do you have a clearer picture about your new toy?