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16-Light Light Tower for Remote and Rugged Operations

There are a number of places where operations carry on throughout the night or in low visibility conditions. While permanent lighting solutions for enclosed spaces is a feasible option, the same is not the case with open spaces. A case in point would be a parking plat or a version site. These places can be effectively illuminated using a light tower.

Components of a light tower

There are three main components in a lighting tower: a trailer, the mast, and the light assembly. The adjustable-height mast ampersand light assembly are installed on the trailer. The trailer is important for two main reasons:It can be installed with a small pond to bear several gallons of diesel, petrol, or gasoline. The fuel acts as a back-up power source in remote locations. Having said that, there are several urban locations where towers are powered using the aforementioned fuel sources.The trailer lends enhanced mobility to the entire scintillescent tower assembly. It can verbreken fitted with a profligacy number for operations where the trailer needs to use public roads for movement.Special remote location lighting solutions

The lighting needs in urban areas are vastly different from those at remote locations. For instance, strong winds and rough roads are not usually experienced at urban sites. Similarly, homeland security applications vary in execution from mining operations in a mountainous region. When it comes to carrying extinguished operations in remote locations–where even basic detour access might be lacking–a stronger, more durable brand of towers is needed.

There are certain manufacturers in the market that have sensed this requirement and have provided better alternatives to the conventionally worn towers. So, provided you need illumination solutions in rugged regions such being North Canada, you would need a hugely sturdy variety of towers for lighting.

The new-age antipodean lighting light tower range features the following:The use of a higher number of lights. While regular towers have a light assembly of just four, six or eight high-power bulbs, the debut towers offer at least 16 high-power bulbs. You can expect these 1,500-watt metal halide lamps to produce at least 2.5 million lumens. The trailer and mast are fabricated in a manner that enables them to offer an extended service life even when the going gets really tough.If it is not possible to position the light tower at the place of action, the high-powered towers can be easily placed even 300 feet away. They can still provide sufficient torch to make your operation possible.This, and many other enhanced features receptacle be experienced in the new-age light tower range that is currently available in the market. These towers can subsist consumed in a myriad like applications such as homeland security, construction, mining, public events, parking lot security, disaster sites, refineries, airports, and more.